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2016-11-01 18:57:09

It's November!
We would like to congratulate our next 10 members LiYing Peng, Peter Wang, Zhao Cheng, Bernard Wong, Samantha Lee, Josh Wellington, Sebastian Maxim, Prakash Sahil, Mohamad Khairul bin Sulaiman and Park KwanJeong . who get their $50000 referral bonus!
Now it's remaining $3.45 million of referral bonus waiting to grab! Yes, that's mean still available for 69 members to win the $50000 referral bonus!

2016-10-17 18:22:41

We would like to congratulate our 10 members Aldo Abramo, Aarush Bhavin, Jayesh Ojas, Priyansh Yakshit, Rohan Sahil, Sebastiano Paolo, Serena Martino, Massimo Innocenzio, BaoYun Zhang and ZheFeng Li . get their $50000 referral bonus!
Now it's remaining $3.95 million of referral bonus waiting to grab! Yes, that's mean still available for 79 members to win the $50000 referral bonus!


I have trouble during registering. What shall I do if I have trouble during registering?
A. You should always check the information that you have entered or You may contact our support team at if you need our assistant. We are always here for you.

Is my money in good hands?
A. Yes for sure, our core values of Putting Clients First, Building Relationships, Achieving Quality Results and Working with Integrity define the way we do business.

Q. I put correct data to the log form, but it still shows the "error message". What should I do?
A. In this case, please do not hesitate to contact our support center, we will review and explain the matter and unlock access to your account

Q.How can I change my Email address or password??
A. You can just easily log into your account 24/7 and click on the "Account Setting". You can change your e-mail address and password there.

Q. Which payment systems do you use to accept investments?
A. We accept investments through Perfect money , Payeer and Bitcoin. To those who would like to invest through bankwire, you may email us. 1. Perfect Money 2. Payeer 3. Bitcoin ,

Q. Can I register several accounts?
A. No, each person can have only one account. Any attempt of fraud will result in permanent blocking all suspicious accounts and the funds deposited in the contact will be frozen for life.

Q. How Does Maxi Pro make profit?
A. Maxi Pro profit mostly are from Forex which generate from our very own Forex Auto Pilot Software and monthly fee from the user who are using our software.

Q. Can I lose money?
A. No, we guarantee all of your invested funds as this program mainly for advertise our product and we generate more than the interest we offer from our Forex Auto Pilot Software for more than 3 years.

Q. How soon will my deposit appear on my account balance??
A. The funds will be credited to your account balance as soon as your payment made. If your money has not been credited after 6 hours, please report this issue to our support service through the CONTACT US form.

Q. Can I invest more than once?
A. Yes, you may invest in multiple transactions. All of your deposits are treated separately, that is, they earn their own interest and do not accumulate. For example, your first invested $60 and received interest and later decided invest $900 more. Your last $900 will be treated as a separate investment with a separate percentage.

Q. There is no more slots available for invest in the plan which I want to invest, how can I invest more?
A. Each investment plan has a limit of slots to invest. Once all of the slots are used, then you will not able to invest anymore. Please invest wisely.

Q. Maximum amount of investment in the Starter plan is $2500, I have invested all 5 slots with $100 each total $500. Can I still invest the balance $2000?
A. No, as all slots already used. Maximum amount is set to $2500 in the Starter plan for each transaction. You can invest up to $12500 in total 5 slots, but if you invest for example $10 each in 5 slots, that's mean your total investment only $50 and can't add more in the future. You may select other plans to invest.

Q. I have invested in all investment plans and used all of the slots. How can I invest more?
A. Once you have used all slots in all of the investment plans, we are sorry to tell you that you may not able to continue to invest again. Unless there is new investment plan launch or you may purchase our product as our main purpose is to attract more people to purchase our product to earn profit together.

Q. How do you calculate the interest on my account?
A. Interest will be calculated depending on each plan you have invested. Interest is acquired Daily and credited to your account at the end of each day.

Q. How long does it usually take for a withdrawal to be get processed?
A. All payments should be made and completed within just a 24 hours time frame. This means that your withdrawal could actually get processed from 1 minute up to 24 hours. All within this wall of time. Please understand this clearly.

Q. How much is the minimum deposit an investor can deposit and withdraw?
A. The minimum is just $10. There is only a minimum amount you can withdraw, the minimum is $0.01 for a withdrawal to be submitted. We suggest that you consolidate all your requests for a specific payment processor in one go if you are expecting several profits for a specific day. This should save us precious time in processing requests while at the same time saving you fees, depending on which processor your requested funds are.

Q. Is there any charges for making deposit and withdrawal with Maxi Pro?
A. We do not charge any fees to operate. We make money from the profits we make using your investments.

Q. What is Affiliate Program?
A. Our Affiliate Program is a great way for you to make money by referring clients to us . If you would like to know more details please visit our Affiliate Program page.

Q. How much is the referral commission?
A. As stated and shown graphically and textually over at the Affiliate page, our referral commission is set to 5% for all direct referrals' deposits.